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Sponsor Nomination Form

Thank you for helping prospective members discover Welcome to Florida International Club.  The journey to becoming a member is designed to help familiarize your candidate with all our club has to offer.

The Sponsor Nomination Form and the WFLIC Membership Application are accepted on a rolling basis until membership reaches capacity, at which time applications close until next year.

We once again anticipate a high number of candidates, so please encourage your candidate to submit her application as early as possible. You can find more detailed information and a helpful checklist of membership requirements by clicking Preview and Checklist.

Per Welcome to Florida International Club Bylaws, a member in good standing, who has been a member at least one (1) calendar year and has known the Prospective Member for at least six (6) months, may sponsor two (2) prospective members per year.

A prospective member is eligible to complete and submit their Membership Application after attending two (2) Welcome to Florida International Club events:

    • Luncheon plus
    • One November Interest Group Meeting, or
    • One Interest Group Meeting

Before putting a friend’s name forward, please be sure she is able to complete attendance and membership requirements, and would like to volunteer in some capacity.

If you have any questions, please contact Shona Veasey, Membership Chair.

Sponsor, please complete the following:

Sponsor Nomination Form
I attended November 10 Zoom Meeting:

Factors to consider when sponsoring new members:

  • If candidate is professionally employed, will she be able to attend monthly luncheons and activities?
  • Is the candidate currently committed to another organization or activity that would prevent her from supporting and regularly participating in our Club events?
  • Does the candidate reside in the greater Naples region for most of the season?
  • WFLIC members with tenure of one year or more may sponsor two candidates per year.

We highly value sponsors' recommendations and encourage you to bring forward candidates who will actively contribute to fostering international friendship and understanding.