Welcome to Florida International Club (WFLIC) is part of the worldwide Welcome Clubs International (WCI) network. The membership of WFLIC consists of women from many different countries.  About half of the membership is U.S.-born.  The club is most active from November through April. During the summer, there are monthly informal luncheons at restaurants throughout Naples so year-round members have a chance to see each other.  WFLIC offers many interest groups for women to interact with each other and share cultural activities. We welcome women of all nationalities.  The language of the club is English.


Building Bridges of International Understanding


Friendship through Understanding – Understanding through Friendship


WFLIC  was founded on February 26, 1986, at the Hilton Hotel, Marco Island, Florida. We are modeled after the Welcome to Washington International Club, which was founded by Marian Adair in 1959.


Marian Adair (1908-2004), our founder, was the wife of the late E. Ross Adair, who served as a U.S. Congressman from Indiana for twenty-seven years. After his term of office, he was appointed Ambassador to Ethiopia for three years. Marian saw a great need for the bonding of U.S. and international women coming into the Washington DC area, so she founded International Club I in 1953. Four International Clubs and four International Neighbors Clubs were formed, each with limited memberships. In 1959, the Welcome to Washington International Club was organized with an unlimited membership to offer an opportunity for more international and U.S. women to join together. Marian’s dream was to have many “Welcome Clubs.” This dream is being realized.


The Marian Adair Award was established in 1993 to recognize members for their dedicated and outstanding service to our club.

Patricia B. Adams 1993
Carolyn M. Brown* 1995
Phyllis J. Liebman 1996
Ruth Prater 1998
Elizabeth Violante* 1999
Donna E. Baker 2000
Mary Lou Kelley 2002
Bettina Kopchick 2004
Kay Ruel 2004
Mary Anne Schulz 2007
Nancy Furstner 2010
Lois Saldukas 2012
Donna Suddeth 2015
Isabel Etkin 2017
Elizabeth Cottingham 2019
Bettina Kopchick 2021