Thank you for your interest in Welcome to Florida International Club.

We are delighted to announce that applications for the 2021-2022 season are now open!

Please know that we once again anticipate a high number of applicants and encourage you to apply early. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until membership reaches capacity. You can find more detailed information and a helpful checklist of membership requirements by clicking on Preview and Checklist.

Prospective members must be sponsored by a member in good standing. 

Typically a prospective member is eligible to apply for membership after attending one Luncheon, plus one Interest Group Meeting or Special Event (two events total).

However, due to Covid disruptions in activities, this year we have expanded the attendance options to include:

  • The upcoming November 10th Zoom Meeting, or
  • One Summer Luncheon, or
  • One November Interest Group Meeting,


  • One Interest Group Meeting or
  • One Special Event (Two Events total).


Sponsors may request to have the November 10th Zoom Meeting link  emailed to their candidates by providing WFLIC with the candidate’s contact information.

  • The prospective member’s sponsor must submit the Sponsor Nomination Form,  available under the Member Menu.
  • The Executive Board will review applications, and advise the prospective member or her sponsor of the status of the application.
  • Once the Board accepts a prospective member, she becomes a Provisional Member. She must then:
    •  Attend a second Luncheon within two months, at which time she is required to pay the appropriate membership fees and dues. She will then have access to the website member portal.
    • Participate in a New Member Orientation Session and attend the New Member Tea in March.


We encourage prospective members to reach out to their sponsor for information concerning their application, including available events to attend to satisfy the pre-application attendance requirements.

Cynthia Lynch, 1st Vice President, New Member Chair, welcomes your questions regarding sponsorship and the application process. She can be contacted at

We are looking forward to getting to know you!